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Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation and Training

Vitamins and minerals
Posted on: January 28, 2015

Vitamin and mineral supplementation for sports is an often overlooked subject. Much of the emphasis is on protein, energy and recovery products. However, if the body is not given adequate vitamins and minerals, health, body condition and ultimately performance will decline over time. The individual will also be at risk from illness and chronic conditions. The more sport and exercise undertaken the more this problem is amplified. This is because the body’s minerals are actually lost through sweat during training sessions. If these are not replaced the sports person is vulnerable to injury and illness. These can strike at any time and will obviously have an impact on performance. It is not realistic to replace vitamins and minerals in the quantity required through diet alone, especially if you have a busy training schedule or are trying to focus on protein intake as well.

Taking a regular dose of a fully comprehensive high potency vitamin and mineral supplement like Citrus Storm ensures the body has a constant supply of vitamins and minerals. This will guard against the common ailments of the sports person, such as back and knee complaints. It will ensure a strong immune system and enhance overall body condition manifesting in better sporting performance. It will also aid protein synthesis (the body’s ability to use protein to build muscle) and metabolic regulation (which controls energy levels and the growth and repair of muscles.)