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Gym training

If you would like to train in a gym environment free of distractions I have a private Ashurst Wood Gym. This is a private personal training gym which I have designed based on the knowledge gained from 20 years personal training experience. No matter what your training preferences or goals they will be catered for here. This is a friendly and safe environment, designed to nurture and encourage, and not be just another boring gym. The gym has a dedicated strength room with plenty of free weights as well as everything else you would expect from a free weights gym. The main exercise room is equipped with a power tower, punch bags and various stations for band and suspension exercises. This room also has plenty of floor space for plyometric, medicine ball and fit ball work. This is probably one of the best personal training studios you will find outside of Mayfair and one of the best personal training studios in West Sussex.

The gym is used for one-to-one personal training.

The Ashurst Wood Gym is on the Ivy Dene Industrial Estate and has plenty of free parking.

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Home Training

Home training is a convenient option for those who don’t enjoy training in a gym or find it difficult to fit training into a busy life style. I will bring all equipment to you in order to set up a fully equipped gym in your home or garden. Space needn’t be an issue either as training can take place in a small area. Equipment provided will allow a full workout including cardiovascular and resistance training without leaving the house. Some of the techniques I may employ are outlined below.

Free Weights

Weights are an essential part of any training program as developing muscle will be intrinsic to weight loss, rehabilitation, strength building, flexibility and overall fitness. A routine will be devised in-line with your own objectives and exercises may be free standing or use a fit ball or bench. Free weights such as dumbbells are an excellent choice as they are portable and compact. Moreover, unlike fixed weight machines, they optimise muscles on the periphery of the exercise in order to stabilise the movement.


We have all skipped at some point in our lives, but many of us are not aware of the unique health benefits of this form of exercise. As an aerobic activity skipping builds cardio-respiratory (heart and lung) fitness and is also great for toning hips, thighs, bottoms and arms. Skipping also improves balance, flexibility and coordination. Although as effective as running, skipping puts less impact on joints. By employing different foot combinations or using skipping as part of a circuit together we can optimise the health benefits of this underestimated activity.

Boxing and Kick Boxing

This is a highly effective method of cross training as it combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Punching and kicking drills can be combined to create a workout that optimises a range of muscles and works both slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibres. These exercises are highly addictive and a lot of fun as well as a great stress buster.


Unlike a conventional step machine, this piece of kit simulates sprinting through a high intensity stepping action. The machine’s hydraulics produce a static equilibrium ensuring an impact free work out. This allows you to gain the benefits of hard training whilst guarding against injury. Training on the X-iser is therefore suitable for all levels and is excellent for aiding rehabilitation. With a trainer’s guidance the X-iser can be used for a range of different exercises. You can view these on the X-iser website.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands compliment free weights as an additional form of resistance training. This technique is particularly useful as the intensity of the exercise can be gradually increased. This is therefore an excellent way to steadily build up strength in weaker areas. Like free weights exercises can be performed free standing or using a fit ball or bench.

Fitness Ball

Exercising with a fit ball on its own is a highly effective way to build core stability. Such exercises improve strength, flexability and control of the lower back and abdomen muscles. Core stability will be an intergral part of any training regime in order to build overall body strength and guard against injury.

Medicine Balls

There is an endless amount of exercises that can be performed with your trainer using medicine balls. The type of exercises selected will depend upon your needs and objectives. Medicine ball training can provide a full body work out, can be used to improve joint integrity, build muscle in arms and back, tone legs and shoulders and increase core stability. Weights and exercises can be varied to create intense resistance sessions or gentle workouts suitable for rehabilitation.


Smaller Kettlebells can be used in the home to perform a range of unique weight exercises.